Editing & proofreading

In order to make sure that your translation is free of mistakes, editing & proofreading is always an integral part of the translations conducted by our office.  However, we can offer our editing & proofreading service as a standalone.  If your material is intended for publication, advertisement or submission to a public body, proofreading is essential.

Our proofreaders verify the grammatical and syntactic accuracy, improve the style and ensure full compliance with your requirements.

For localised material, in addition to the above, we can also ensure that your material is appropriate for the Greek market.  We will check that it does not contain any negative connotations, your brand and product names read and sound naturally in Greek and your commercial message has not been obscured.

For material which has undergone desktop publishing (formatting), we can offer post-layout proofreading making sure that the translated text is appropriately laid out on the page, and graphics have been localised correctly.

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